5 Steps to Mastering a Winning Business Presentation

business presentation

business presentations (Image: Award-winning speaker Jonathan Sprinkles speaks at ES | Source: Twitter.com/AlfredEdmondJr)

Although creating and developing a great product or service is critical to launching and sustaining a successful business, it’s also imperative that entrepreneurs have the ability to attract customers, new clients, and investors. This is why it is important for entrepreneurs to learn how to present their business to others in a clear, cohesive manner and master the art of the pitch. In doing so, they can drive sales, negotiate successful deals, build beneficial partnerships, and maintain an edge over the competition. The caveat, however, is that mastering an effective business presentation is easier said than done.

To help business owners develop and strengthen their business pitch skills, on Wednesday, Black Enterprise kicked off the Entrepreneurs Summit with a workshop titled “Networking Session: Mastering Business Presentations.” During the session, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and marketing guru Jonathan Sprinkles shared his business presentation best practices, to equip entrepreneurs with the tips and tools needed to masterfully execute quality pitches of their own. He also offered stellar advice that can help increase the profitability …read more      

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