African American Rhinoplasty For A Caucasian Nose

African American

African American Rhinoplasty For A Caucasian Nose

African American Rhinoplasty For A Caucasian Nose

The nose is that part of the face that gives the face its features. That said there is definitely a desire among people to have the perfect Caucasian nose. The nose surgery to get the Caucasian nose is a fairly common practice among the ethnic communities. These communities do not have typical Caucasian features.

Now a lot of ethnic groups such as the African Americans, Japanese, Vietnamese, Koreans and Chinese have noses which are not like the usual perfect Caucasian shape. A lot of people from these ethnic groups are now going in for the ethnic Rhinoplasty or the African American nose surgery

African American people are the largest number patients undergoing the nose surgery or as it is called Rhinoplasty. The special characteristics of an African American nose are that it is very bulbous and the nostrils are very large. In stark contrast is the American nose which is thin and narrow.

The trick is to find a Rhinoplasty surgeon who has done the surgical procedure on the said community. That will mean that a doctor who has done the Asian Rhinoplasty may not be …read more      

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