In Case You Missed It: The Young, Black, and Petty Edition


Did you miss all of the pettiness that was circulating Black Twitter this week? Were you able to catch each clap back between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy? Well, just in case you didn’t catch the shade the first time around, here’s a round-up of all the drama that’s been going down on social media.

via Complex

Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown:

A Timeline of Their Beef

We can thank Chris Brown and Soulja Boy for starting the first celebrity feud of 2017, which—of course—started over something petty! Complex has done a great job of chronicling the social media beef between the two artists, which began after Soulja Boy left flirtatious emojis under a photo posted on Instagram of Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Kaurreche Tran. Apparently, the beef has since escalated into a celebrity boxing match scheduled to take place later this month.

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