John Gray Is Not Your Daddy’s Preacher

He’s not your daddy’s preacher.

He is the lead on OWN’s latest reality show The Book of John Gray.

Gray sat down with EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas to share his thoughts on perception, learning opportunities and the American Airlines viral video.

What did you learn from filming this TV show?

Aventer Gray: I’ve learned there are seasons for different life elevations. In this moment, I feel like God wants to stop the manipulation, he wants to show his heart is for everybody and we are the vessels he is using to do that. Instead of being afraid of inviting everyone into our home, I’ve become a little more comfortable with it. I’ve learned to embrace it and understand everyone isn’t going to like us. As long as, the Lord is pleased with me and my husband, he is pleased with me. We do care how people perceive our family but we feel like God has breathed on us and he will continue to…

Pastor John Gray: …I don’t! I don’t care how they perceive our family, as long as we know the truth because I can’t control how people will interpret our lives once it’s disseminated. The …read more <a target="_blank" …read more      

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