Tantrums of a Grown Woman

Temper Tantrum

What adults do you know that have TEMPER TANTRUMS? Have you ever had a hissy, (a bitch fit, a meltdown) and didn’t know how to handle it? Where did that anger come from? I mean it’s one thing to get angry; it’s another to get so mad, you can hardly control yourself! I’m talking about how I felt and what I did to control myself. I’ve been angry before, and found that I felt better if I could blame someone else for how I felt – like my kids or my husband or my hormones. And while I know that’s not healthy, it’s what I did at that time. I’ve since MATURED!

I was really angry at the circumstances that I found myself in. On the one hand, I was following the advice that I give my Finding Superwoman™ clients when they start to feel overwhelmed. However, I was mad at my Creator for being in the situation that I was in. As a faith-based person, I believe that you decide what path you want to take, pray about it, and take a leap (of faith). As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said: “Faith is taking the first step, even if …read more      

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