Wealth Coach Ash Cash Says the Law of Attraction Is Just a Piece of the Puzzle to Success [Video]

Ash Cash

(Image: Selena Hill and Ash Cash)

Wealth coach and financial literacy guru Ash Cash stopped by BLACK ENTERPRISE to share some of the principles discussed his new book, Mind Right, Life Right: Manifesting Dreams Through The Laws of The Universe.

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a 19th-century philosophy that teaches that positive and negative circumstances are shaped and created by a person’s thought pattern. Hence, positive thinking will attract positive energy, and in turn, lead to a happier, healthier, and financially abundant life. On the other hand, negative thinking will produce negative experiences in your life. This school of thought reemerged into mainstream pop culture following the release of the best-selling book and film, The Secret, in 2006.

Cash opens his book by blasting the law of attraction as “bulls—t.” He criticizes this belief system, saying that, based on his personal experiences, this philosophy alone will not create long-lasting success.

“I think that when the law of attraction was being introduced to everybody, people accepted the law of attraction as the be-all, end-all. That if …read more

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