3 Stages of Making a Sale to Significantly Increase Your Company Revenue

Jerome D. Love

One day, Bill and Sasha walked into the office of a real estate agent. Judy welcomed them. Bill and Sasha told her they were expecting their first baby, and since they lived in a one-bedroom apartment, they were exploring the idea of buying their first house. Luckily, said Sasha, they had a few months to decide, so they weren’t in a hurry.

Judy responded by pulling up a listing on the internet and saying, “I have the perfect house for you! Two bedrooms on a charming cul-de-sac. Let’s go look at the house right now—it’s only a few minutes from here.”

Sasha replied, “Thanks, but we’re just starting to consider our options. Can you give us the listing information? We want to research the neighborhood, local schools, and taxes.”

Judy tried to convince them to act now. After a few more minutes of this, Bill and Sasha excused themselves.

But, Bill and Sasha didn’t go home. Instead, they went across the street to a competing realtor. Regina sat them down for a chat, just as Judy did. After hearing their situation, she replied, “I understand. Let me give you some information about the town.”

They talked for a while. Regina never mentioned a specific house. …read more      

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