5 Tips From Public Relations Pros That Will Elevate Your Career

public relations tips

public relations tips (Image: iStock.com/PeopleImages)

Public relations is about putting the best foot and the best face of a brand forward, but it’s also about quickly doing damage control when things don’t go as planned.

The fast-paced track at which PR professionals are required to act matched with the impact and influence that they must have on others about what their brand stands for is a skill set that can easily transfer into any other industry and to any professional, from the corporate to the self-employed.

Whether you are looking to improve upon your personal or professional brand, struggling with how to have your voice heard, or aiming to fix a crisis, here are a few key PR skills Black Enterprise learned at (and after) the Museum of Public Relations Celebrating Black PR Pioneers event, held on May 3 at Baruch College in New York City.

These easily transferable tips bestowed by budding and seasoned public relations practitioners teach the importance of building a solid brand, taking chances, and becoming an influencer in your own professional or personal space. Read on to take yourself to the next level.

Find and use your voice, especially if you’re the only minority …read more      

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