Coffee With: Asana Engineer Kwame Thomison

Kwame Thomison
Kwame Thomison (Image courtesy of Asana)

Kwame Thomison
Location: New York, NY
Job: Engineering Site Lead, Asana
Education: B.S. in Information Science, Cornell University
Twitter: @asana

What was your first job?

I spent a year leading development for a publishing startup called The Community Publishers. I designed our software from scratch, mentored other engineers, and designed tools to help our editorial team manage content. It was my first time in a technical role and a great opportunity to grow in my career.

What sparked your interest in computer science?

There were two important factors. First, growing up around my father, not having an interest in engineering would have been an act of sheer rebellion. He’s been a computer consultant and a guest lecturer at Princeton, and he also works to share his passion for STEM with kids. I still remember mashing random commands into a monochrome DOS terminal as a young child. And my sixth birthday party was a huge hit because my dad conducted some flashy chemistry experiments. In many ways, engineering was my path of least resistance.

Second, I’ve always enjoyed exercising my creativity. When I was 13, my mother enrolled me in a C++ course at a local community college. …read more      

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