Engineering Call Fails to Reach African Americans

african american engineer in blue hard hat and holding blueprints

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This article was written by Eric Iverson. Originally published on the Start Engineering website, it is reprinted here with permission.

There is no getting around it.

Engineering has a tough time with African Americans. The workplace culture can be unwelcoming. The trend lines in graduation rates point down. And the “achievement gap” among demographic groups in K-12 is large. [Related: 9 Black Women in STEM You Need To Know] During Black History Month, it’s an opportune moment to consider some of these issues and highlight what people in the field are doing to remedy them. From the time of Elijah McCoy —whose highly effective train oil has been said to lie behind the phrase, “the real McCoy”—to today, African-American contributions to the history and successes of engineering and technology fields have been legion and unique. The history An interesting new book puts the topic of African Americans in engineering into a useful historical context. Edited by all-time engineering luminary John Slaughter, Changing the Face of Engineering: The African-American Experience gathers 15 essays in a comprehensive history of African Americans working in the field. …read more      

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