Life Lessons: The Hike I Didn’t Want But Needed


Given the opportunity to spend some time in the exotic Guadeloupe islands in the southern Caribbean Sea, I didn’t think twice. I had visions of sun and beaches and tall, cool drinks. But what I encountered instead was strenuous physical activity and bad weather. What I’m sure was supposed to be a scenic, invigorating exploration of the natural landscape of Guadeloupe ended up being a strenuous hike up a steep mountain in relentless rain.

Scenic rides through native terrain in a vehicle? Check. Leisurely walks along picturesque nature trails? Check. Hourlong hikes up steep mountains in the rain? Not so much. But there I was, cheerfully urged onward and upward by our guide, who, from the looks of it, did hikes like these in her sleep. I mean, I’m no slouch when it comes to utilizing a little muscle, but this was no mere trek for novice tourists, and I was as mentally unprepared for it as I was physically.

Every time we got to what I was (mis)led to believe was the “top”—Surprise! There were “just a few more yards” to go before we reached our final destination. And when we finally arrived at our destination, what had we climbed all …read more      

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