Moziah Bridges of Mo’s Bows Talks About Building A Business: Interview

Moziah Bridges

(Image: Mo’s Bows)

Moziah Bridges, the teenpreneur who recently scored a mega deal with the NBA, sits down with Black Enterprise contributor Rochelle Soetan for an exclusive interview.

Rochelle Soetan: What’s a typical day for you?

Moziah Bridges: A typical day for me begins with a full day of school, homework, and mail packaging. After school is when I organize my orders to be shipped, then I take time to write my customers a handwritten note to say, “Thank you;” letting them know how much I appreciate their business and support. After dinner, I may watch television or practice my speaking points for an upcoming speech. Then I start all over again. It’s a full day.

Soetan: Mo, how do you prioritize business with school, friends, and quiet time for yourself?

Bridges: Sometimes, I have to use my own best judgment. My mom is not always the best resource for me to go to because she doesn’t always know when I have an interview or when I have to speak at an event. I rely on myself to prioritize my day and find my own quiet time throughout the week.

Soetan: That’s very responsible at 15. You are starting to understand …read more      

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