Opinion: It’s Probably Legal, but Not Too Cool What Uber Did to This Black, Single Mother


The Washington Post ran a compelling story on an African American single mother who is struggling financially, like many Americans. The article focused on contributing factors that were keeping—and even burying—this woman further into debt and poverty.

One factor is the lack of paid leave for new parents in the workforce. As the article points out, “[…]the United States is the only industrialized nation not to guarantee any paid time off to new parents.” The subject of the article had just delivered a newborn.

Another factor that contributed to her precarious financial situation, oddly enough, is Uber. The woman became an Uber driver to supplement an already low income as a home healthcare worker.

However, she didn’t have the required tool to drive for Uber—a car. The ridesharing service does have a solution for that. In a partnership with rental car company Enterprise, Uber drivers can rent Enterprise cars, and then the rental fee is automatically deducted by Uber from the driver’s fares.

The cost to rent is $215 per week, with a $350 required deposit. Even if an Uber driver makes enough weekly to cover the cost, it doesn’t factor in gas, and as mentioned in The Washington Post article, the woman …read more      

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