[Women of Power] Fit Beyond Resolution

We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions—tons of them, for many, many years. Making the resolution is the easy part—acting on it is an entirely different story. The goal at BlackEnterprise.com is to make 2016 a year of action. Enough talking, now it’s all about the doing. Doing what makes us better, more accomplished, more impactful, more proud, and more empowered.

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Fitness tends to be of high priority for most when setting goals in the New Year. For the first month (or few) of each passing year gyms are packed to capacity, juicers are ordered, goals are set, changes are made, and then nothing. There is no better time than now to look far past the usual fleeting resolutions and to focus on consistency in doing what it takes to really make things happen.

See your 2016 fitness goals to and through the 2016 Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit. From March 9–12 at the Hilton Diplomat Resort & Spa, in Hollywood, Florida, experience the benefit of follow-through by taking advantage of the summit’s fitness activities including yoga on the beach and much-anticipated spin classes.

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