Young Black Professionals Can Learn From This Wall Street Titan’s Winning Strategy


It was only fitting that Raymond J. McGuire, global head of corporate and investment banking for the financial leviathan Citigroup, was among those recently honored at the Business Titans Luncheon, which capped three days of sessions at the 20th Anniversary Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project Economic Summit.

Engaged in three decades of corporate transactions valued at more than $500 billion, McGuire represents the dealmaker nonpareil and ultimate powerbroker, who has used his skills, strategic mind, and a bit of swagger to vault to the top of this hyper competitive, often cutthroat arena. In fact, when BLACK ENTERPRISE profiled McGuire, he was appropriately characterized in the following manner: “Like a chess grandmaster, he’s planned ahead for every contingency, with a meticulousness that would make Garry Kasparove envious.”

A perennial on the BE list of The Most Powerful Blacks on Wall Street, this triple Harvard degree holder—undergrad, J.D., and M.B.A.—shared his personal and professional trek from the “wrong side of the tracks” in Dayton, Ohio, raised by a single mother and grandparents, to Wall Street’s most powerful firms. Along the way, he’s mentored legions of financial professional, advised scores of established and budding entrepreneurs, and served on an array of prominent …read more      

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