Why Compete When There’s More Than Enough Opportunities for Us All?

collaboration in business

(Image: iStock.com/julief514)

Competition is dead, collaboration is the key!

Why do people compete in the world of entrepreneurship and business? I’m still trying to figure out this answer myself. I believe when people compete for the same promotion, the same customers, and the same opportunities you are doing a disservice to yourself and the people you are called to serve. There are more than enough blessings for all of us to receive. When God gave one person a blessing he didn’t stop there, he has a special blessing for you too.

The reality is you can’t grow or get to the next level in your own business if you are busy worrying about what others are doing. Instead of trying to be better or bigger than the next person, find out how you can give and receive support from others. Collaboration is the key to growth and success. I have grown in my business tremendously by joining forces and working with other entrepreneurs. Working with others not only gives me a different point of view in my business but also gives me an opportunity …read more <a target="_blank" …read more      

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